Frequently Asked Questions

Usage questions

Can I take the device on holiday?

Aerosure can be taken on holiday - be sure to pack a travel adapter if you are holidaying outside of Australia. When fully charged, Aerosure can be used for up to a week before needing to be recharged.

I’ve been using the device for a week and I don’t feel an improvement

Effects vary between individuals so we cannot guarantee how long it will take to see an improvement in breathlessness. Continue to use the device as per the instructions. Always ensure the lips form a tight seal around the mouthpiece when breathing through the device and always breathe through the mouth when using Aerosure. You should feel a resistance when breathing through Aerosure.

The mouthpiece is coming off when I use the device

The mouthpiece may become loose during usage due to a build-up of saliva. If you feel the mouthpiece is at all loose, remove the device from your mouth and dry it with a paper towel. You can then continue to use the device as per the user guide instructions.

When using Aerosure do I breathe out of my nose or mouth?

You need to breathe in and out through your mouth to receive the benefits of using the device.

Do I have to breathe deeply when using Aerosure?

Aerosure is electrically driven and therefore is not dependent on pressure generated by the user but you may need to breathe deeply for optimal performance.